Provide a Trust Framework

Within the iSHARE network, it is the explicit aim to define trust based on a synthesis between technological and legal aspects. In practical terms the aim is to let iSHARE participants interact within the network through a party that they know and trust (their Satellite) and sign one contract with the Satellite, on the basis of which they have a contract with all participants within the data space/iSHARE network. In other words, participants within the data space/iSHARE network do not need to sign separate contracts with each other to share data with each other (although they are free to define additional contracts that do not conflict with the iSHARE Trust Framework).

An important tool within the Trust Framework are licenses which define the conditions under which data can be exchanged or services can be consumed. For functional details on licenses, see the Licenses page.

The Trust Framework is depicted under Primary use cases and needs appropriate technological underpinning so that parties can authenticate each other in a reliable way.

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