Goals and scope of the iSHARE Trust Framework

The iSHARE Trust Framework is a collaborative effort to improve the exchange of data between organisations in and across data spaces. The Framework results in a set of agreements which improve circumstances for data exchange.

The ambition of iSHARE is to lower barriers for sharing data, to empower new forms of collaboration between organisations and to help scale up existing initiatives that aim to improve conditions for data exchange. The underlying assumption is that if data can flow in a controlled and smart way, it will lead to a more efficient use of infrastructure, less carbon emissions and more competitiveness.

The Trust Framework's scope focuses on three main topics that are crucial in any data exchange context:

iSHARE focuses on these three aspects as they are considered indispensable in any communication between parties, also in the context of exchanging logistical data. Within the Trust Framework, agreements are made on the above three topics with the aim of working towards a more uniform, straightforward and controlled way of exchanging data on a bigger scale than is possible right now*.

  • Uniform: one uniform way of working across all types of modalities, small and large organisations, public and private organisations, suppliers and receivers of data or their software partners, etc. iSHARE aims to create new possibilities for efficiency improvements, time gains and cost savings.

  • Straightforward: Easy to connect with new, existing and third-party business partners throughout the sector, more certainty on trustworthiness of parties you exchange data with, a building block which is easy to implement by your software partners or your IT department and an addition that empowers your existing solutions.

  • Controlled: The basic principle within iSHARE is that the owner of the data stays in control at all times; the owner decides with whom what data is exchanged and on what terms.

These three aims can only be reached when a variety of perspectives are considered during the establishment of the Framework. To this end, a variety of organisations are involved in defining the agreements for iSHARE.


  • The scope of the iSHARE Trust Framework does not include the specification of possible business models for sharing data and/or payments related to data exchange;

  • The iSHARE Trust Framework can in some way be compared with the institute of the passport: the Trust Framework will be usable by anyone who owns a digital identity compatible with the framework. This will greatly simplify authentication and authorisation processes, also between different organisations (however: even though organisations can have valid certificates, it does not rule out possible malign intentions).

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