This part of the iSHARE Trust Framework is considered normative and is therefore compliant with RFC 2119.

This section describes the agreements concerning communication about and with the iSHARE brand that is applicable for all Satellites, Adhering and Certified Parties.

It includes the guidelines for using iSHARE's name, brand, and iSHARE logo.

Usage of iSHARE name and brand

The following communication rules apply when using the iSHARE name and brand:

  • All participating parties MUST use the visuals and logos as provided by the iSHARE Style Guide and MUST apply the notation and terminology as described in the Glossary. This creates clarity in the communication and brand image of iSHARE;

  • The term iSHARE is used as a brand for machine-to-machine and human-to-machine iSHARE-services;

  • Participating parties within the iSHARE network MAY use the phrase ‘powered by iSHARE’ to support their own branding;

  • If iSHARE is integrated in human-to-machine software, the iSHARE logo SHOULD be used in user interfaces;

  • Satellites, Adhering- and Certified Parties COULD use standard texts, key messages and other textual and visual elements as provided in the communication toolkit provided by the Scheme Owner.

The following basic principles apply to the use of the iSHARE logo:

  • Please use enough white space around the logo;

  • Do not alter the colouring of the logo (or use the black and white logo).

iSHARE logo material can be downloaded here.

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