Facilitate portable identity(s) for parties and humans

The iSHARE Trust Framework aims to facilitate (but not impose) the use of one or more so called 'federated identity(s)'. A federated identity is an identity that is spread out and recognised, i.e. portable, across multiple, independent systems.

Within iSHARE Trust Framework, the use of federated identities would reduce costs by eliminating the need for proprietary, or newly issued identity solutions. In order for an identity to become part of iSHARE's federation, the legal entity providing the identity must be certified under the iSHARE Trust Framework.


  • Human X, working for Party A, has a personal keycard issued by iSHARE certified Identity Provider Y. The card, and thus the identity of Human X, can be used to identify and authenticate Human X at party B.

This example is detailed under use cases.

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