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Use cases

This chapter builds on the iSHARE Trust Framework to showcase the key functionalities in four use cases:

  1. Use case: M2M interaction (with fine-grained authorisation) showcases:
  2. Use case: H2M interaction (with coarse-grained authorisation) showcases:
  3. Use case: portable identity showcases:
  4. Use case: delegation (and management of consent) showcases:


Each use case includes:

  • A description and depiction of the roles and relations;
  • A description of the prerequisites, and a depiction of prerequisite registration;
  • A description and depiction of the use case;
  • A sequence diagram;
  • A reference to what needs to be technically implemented for this use case.

The depicted use cases are only a selection of iSHARE Trust Framework's use case scope. For the full scope, please refer to the detailed Functional descriptions.

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