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Management reporting

This part of the iSHARE Trust Framework is considered normative and is therefore compliant with RFC 2119.

The management reporting process describes the steps that parties MUST take to deliver management information about the use and working of the iSHARE network.


The goal of the management reporting process is to monitor compliance to service level agreements, and to distribute info about the use of the iSHARE network.


Several parties have responsibilities and tasks in the management reporting process:

  • The Scheme Owner is responsible for delivering its own management information on a quarterly basis, and to process received management information into a report that does not include commercially sensitive information;
  • The Satellite is responsible for delivering management information timely on a monthly basis to the Scheme Owner.
  • The Certified Party is responsible for delivering management information timely on a monthly basis to the satellite for their data space.


  1. On a monthly basis, Certified Parties and the Satellites collect management information about:
    1. the use of the data space;
    2. compliance with the service level agreements.
  2. Certified Parties and Satellites deliver the collected management information to the Scheme Owner in compliance with the standard format and service level;
  3. The Scheme Owner processes the received management information on compliance, and, if non-compliance is detected, follows the warnings, suspension and exclusion process to assess whether this is an incident or structural non-compliance;
  4. The Scheme Owner verifies whether each Satellite/Certified Party's management information on the use of the Trust Framework is correct:
    1. If correct, step 5 follows directly.
    2. If incorrect, a maximum of 5 working days are available for the Satellite/Certified Party(s) to rectify. If 5 working days are not enough, step 5 follows without the incorrect information;
  5. Quarterly, the Scheme Owner processes and anonymises (if necessary) the management information on the use of the Trust Framework into a report containing: 
    1. Number of Satellites (also compared to last month and this month previous years)
    2. Number of Certified Parties (also compared to last month and this month previous years);
    3. Number of Adhering Parties;
    4. Other information deemed necessary (to be decided);
      If incorrect information was found and could not be rectified within 5 days in step 4, a description of the missing management information.
  6. The Scheme Owner distributes the management report.
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