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1. M2M service provision

In use case 1, a service is provided by the Service Provider to the Machine Service Consumer.


Delegation info PIP
No delegationService ProviderEntitled PartyAuthorization Reg
Use case variation1. M2M service provision1a1b1c

As no delegation takes place, the legal entity fulfilling the Entitled Party-role also fulfils the Service Consumer-role.


 Legal relations


 Use case interaction



It is prerequisite of this use case that:

  • The Service Provider has and manages its own entitlement information indicating what Entitled Parties are entitled to what (parts of) services*;
  • The Service Consumer is able to authenticate the Service Provider;
  • The Service Provider is able to authenticate the Service Consumer.

  • In this use case the Entitled Party is also the Service Consumer.

*The Service Provider can outsource this function to a third party

The use case consists of the following steps:

  1. The Machine Service Consumer requests a service from the Service Provider;
  2. The Service Provider authenticates the Machine Service Consumer and validates the iSHARE adherence of the Service Consumer;
  3. The Service Provider authorizes the Machine Service Consumer of the Service Consumer based on the entitlement information registered with the Service Provider;
  4. The Service Provider executes the requested service;
  5. The Service Provider provides the service result to the Machine Service Consumer.

Sequence diagram

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