Identification by EORI

This part of the iSHARE Trust Framework is considered normative and is therefore compliant with RFC 2119.

In order for parties to identify other parties, any party fulfilling a role in the iSHARE Trust Framework MUST provide a unique identifier.

For this purpose, the Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number is reused. An EORI is unique and valid throughout the European Community and is assigned by a customs authority or designated authority in a Member State. More information (in Dutch) on this process can be found here. For Dutch parties, the EORI number is self-constructed by padding your RSIN with 0's until it is nine digits long, with the prefix EU.EORI.NL. For example, if your RSIN is 123456, your EORI number is EU.EORI.NL000123456.

Even non-European Community parties doing business in/with Europe can request an EORI number at a National Trade Registry. The procedure to get an EORI number as a non-European Community party is detailed here for the Dutch customs authority.

Currently the following identifiers are supported in iSHARE Trust Framework:


EORI number


Economic Operators Registration and Identification

Scheme Owner Identifier


Unique identifier for the Scheme Owner

Role identifiers

In certain cases, when identifying a Certified Party it is also important to identify their role. For this purpose, the Trust Framework specifies the following identifiers:

Role identifier




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